COVID-19: Message to our Referrers and Patients.

Due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Fraser Coast Radiology wishes to inform you that we remain open and continue to provide all Diagnostic Medical Imaging services. For the protection of our community and staff we have introduced a number of measures:

  • Where possible please phone to arrange your appointment so that the number of people in our clinic at any one time can be better managed.
  • All patients will be met at our front doors by a concierge who will take your temperature. If the temperature is abnormal, you will be asked to go home until the temperature has gone or see your doctor.
  • If your temperature is normal, you will be given some hand sanitiser to clean your hands before reporting to our Receptionist. During your stay at our Practice, Fraser Coast Radiology request all patients observe regular hand sanitisation (washing) and where possible maintain social distancing as recommended. You can choose to wait outside or even in your car and we’ll call you when ready.
  • It is preferred that only the patient presents for their imaging test. If a support person is required, this person will also be temperature tested.
  • All patients who have recently returned from overseas or interstate travel, especially air or ship travel, should delay presentation for examinations for two weeks (following self-quarantine measures).
  • Similarly, patients with recently acquired cold and flu symptoms should also delay presentation for two weeks or seek help from the specialised clinic at the Hervey Bay Hospital.
  • Our staff are temperature tested daily and maintain continuous cleaning and disinfection of equipment and touch points throughout the clinic. Gowns, gloves and masks are used when considered reasonable.

Fraser Coast Radiology believes this small inconvenience is very necessary in providing a safe environment for our patients and our staff. In most instances your examination will be performed as it would normally, at a high standard without fuss, by our friendly professional staff.

Fraser Coast Radiology would like to remind everyone that most examinations are bulk billed. In this extreme time, we will consider financial hardship on a case by case basis.

For all enquiries and appointments please call us on 07 4197 1515.

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Fraser Coast Radiology offers the most advanced diagnostic technologies and frontline services for patients, physicians and referring clinicians across Hervey Bay, Maryborough and the Fraser Coast region. Services include X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI Scans, CT Scans, DEXA Bone Density, DEXA Body Composition Scans, Dental Imaging, Echocardiography and Specialised Women’s Imaging.

 Fraser Coast Radiology is the only locally owned, private radiology practice in Hervey Bay and are committed to their local community. They continue to expand their services to meet the demands of the growing community.

Fraser Coast Radiology provides the highest quality imaging services to the Fraser Coast. They utilise the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment operated by highly professional and experienced Medical Imaging staff. Our radiographers and sonographers are fully qualified and accredited and their primary focus is on providing the best patient outcomes.